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Synthetic vs. Regular Oil

When picking between regular and synthetic motor oil for your car it’s good to know about the differences and what you should use.  Synthetic oil is expensive compared to traditional motor oil, but is it worth the price? Choosing between the two options is often a question of personal preference but let me present some clear pros and cons:

Regular Motor Oil

This is the more established type of oil and is said to be more trusted due to its’ long history. However regular oil is not as consistent as synthetic oil since it’s distilled from crude oil. It can have small contaminants and more variation in its molecular structure. This means that it can’t handle the same extreme temperatures and weather situations that synthetic oil can. The biggest advantage to using regular motor is the cost which is easily a third the price of synthetic. Unless you drive in very harsh conditions or race your vehicle, regular motor oil is fine for your car. To keep your car running well it’s less about which oil you use and more about replacing it regularly.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil is the premium choice for serious drivers. Synthetic oil is a more consistent product that can handle operating temperatures up to 100 degrees hotter than conventional motor oil while still working in the low temperatures. Good synthetic oils even claim to increase vehicle horsepower. Even though synthetic motor oil is a great product, it is unnecessary for most vehicles. The added cost isn’t always justified by the benefit. The more important thing is consistency. Pick either synthetic or conventional and stick to it. Switching between the two types of oil is not recommended.


If you can afford synthetic oil and drive a lot or are looking for increased performance then it’s definitely your best pick. If you only drive locally in balanced temperatures then the logical option is regular oil.
If you’re unsure whether to stick with regular or synthetic oil, give the auto repair experts at DML Automotive in West Chester a call at (610) 738-9392. We love helping our customers!

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