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As the owner of an auto repair shop in West Chester, I find winter to be bitter sweet. Because of snow and ice, more accidents happen which means more business for us and our employees. On the other hand, many of my customers are also my friends so I hate to see them dealing with the aches and pains of major car damage. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to put together a checklist of driving reminders and way to prepare your car for the snow. Hopefully, this helps to save you from the cost of an accident.

1. Get good tires

We live in a region that gets varying amounts of snow from year to year. While to best option would be to get snow tires, that doesn’t make as much sense in the West Chester area as it does in northern states. So I always recommend a good set of all weather tires with at least a 1/4″ of tread left. I’ve seen Mini’s with good tires make it through the snow and 4 wheel drive trucks with bad tires get stuck.

2. Remember that everyone has 4 wheel brake

If you’re trying to make it up a snowy hill it really helps to have 4 wheel drive. But if you hit a patch of ice, or start sliding down a snowy hill, 4 wheel drive won’t do much for you because everyone has 4 wheel brake. This is just a reminder to not be overly confident because your vehicle is good in the snow. Always exercise caution when driving in inclement weather.

3. If your car starts sliding turn your wheel in the direction you’re moving

Everyone has the natural reaction to turn the wheel in the opposite direction that they are sliding. This would seem to make sense but actually, it’s a big mistake. Today most vehicles have anti-lock brakes but they won’t do any good unless your tires are facing in the direction that the car is moving.
Hopefully, these tips help to keep you on the road…drive safe!


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